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Clever Kids Educational Tools (Pty) Ltd is a sister company of the reputable Vivlia Publishers and Booksellers (Pty) Ltd, a fully black owned company with an enviable track record in the Educational Publishing Industry and is part of the Vivlia Group of Companies.

Clever Kids Educational Tools specialise in the supply of kits and other Support materials to Government Departments, crèches, schools, retailers and the general public. Our products create hands-on, activity-based learning experiences. Hands on Learning experiences are of major importance in the cognitive development of all learners in pre-school and in the Foundation Phase, while the use of equipment and apparatus and wall charts in the higher Grades helps the learner to have a better understanding of the various subjects.

Clever Kidz is a division of Clever Kids Educational Tools and concentrates on the development, manufacturing, publishing and marketing of material for Early Childhood Development and the Foundation Phase.

The Clever Kidz product  range includes Mathematic apparatus, Manipulatives, Wooden puzzles, Educational Games, Life Skills apparatus, posters and Sport equipment for Primary schools.

To assist the teacher in selecting appropriate and age correct materials we pre pack the materials as kits in durable and secure plastic containers. These containers provide a secure and safe way in which the equipment can be stored.

We have kits for Mathematics, Language and Life Skills for Babies (age 0- 18 months), Toddlers (age 18 – 36 months), Pre Grade R, Grade R and the Foundation Phase.

The Clever Kidz range of learner and teacher support materials are durable, non-toxic, safe for young children to use and have been developed by Educational experts especially with teachers and learners in mind.

Our curriculum-based, easy-to-use manuals, excellent quality and safe products (also called Learning and Teaching Materials) are a must for every teacher, practitioner or parent who wants to create an environment that encourages teaching, creativity, exploration and learning.

Experts in the fields of children's development, teaching and the National Curriculum have designed the Clever Kidz high quality products and kits, ensuring that we only provide products that can ultimately advance the learning and teaching experience in class and at home. As with other Clever Kidz products, the kits are unique and have the following features:

  • The Clever Kidz kits have been compiled by curriculum and ECD specialists ensuring that the essential ELDAS and CAPS are covered.
  • Our products encourage the use of diverse activities to develop a variety of skills in learners and to ensure that assessment standards are reached.
  • These kits also includes the Practical use of Materials, a valid form of assessment that can be used for Formal Assessment Tasks, where learners are showing their thinking and reasoning skills, understanding and knowledge as required by the ELDAS and CAPS.
  • Our kits are designed for a classroom of learners and they encourage group work.
  • All equipment is manufactured from premium quality materials and is therefore durable and non-toxic.
  • These kits are affordable and accessible for schools and individuals with limited budgets.
  • All products can be ordered grouped together as a kit or separately as loose items.
  • All products are available to the general public through registered distributors/bookshops.

Clever Kidz also run training workshops on the use of our products and its link with the curriculum.

The Clever Kidz products can be viewed in our new show rooms situated at our offices at 273 Saag Street, Robertville ( see the map )

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